Plumbing Controls
Plumbing Controls

Maintain control and stay on top of your liquid inventory.

ICS logo low resMEI's ICS Plumbing controls work with the ICS Loadout Controls to create a completely automated solution that is configured to the unique requirements and layout of your facility. These controls move and monitor product from tank to truck ensuring accuracy in both production and inventory control. Reduce errors. Increase Productivity.



MEI Tank Volume Controls help you stay on top of your liquid inventory. Protect against product loss and spill damage with MEI's High Level Alarms.  Keep tabs on inventory levels with tank sensors and level displays.  Ensure inventory levels match the computer and you have enough on-hand to meet customer demand.

Single Float Alarm

Ensure you do not overfill rubber-lined, field-erected tanks or other tanks.  These indoor/outdoor UL-listed high level alarms provide an audible alarm and strobe signal, as well as disconnect pump power. Protect both your equipment and liquid investment with MEI’s high level alarms.

  • Configurable multi-tone alarm (eight tones at 73-85dB)
  • Strobe signal
  • Can disconnect pump power. 
  • Adjustable float (4” to 30”) or derated tanks a(36” to 96”) 
  • Not for fluids that require explosion proof or intrinsically safe electronics. 
  • Regular alarm testing recommended.

Options: Electric operated butterfly valve to close fill line with battery backup system

Dual Float Alarm with Shutoff


Same as the Single Float Alarm with these additions:

  • 2 floats within a tank - 2 audible alarms & strobe signals
  • Valve is positively closed when higher float is tripped and will not reopen until tank level is reduced.

Tank Sensor Local & Remote Display

CPS Urbana OH May 2018 098

Keep an eye on your liquid inventory levels. This display panel provides graphical illustration of liquid levels of up to 12 tanks remotely and/or locally.

  • Monitor up to 12 tanks (Shown left is 8 tanks)
  • Graphical local display
  • Connects to all 4-20MA sensors
  • Static IP address needed for remote access. 
  • Multiple panels can be integrated with ease.

Tank Sensor Remote Display (Only)

Valve Control with Open box

Monitor the liquid level up to 12 tanks where a local display is not needed.  

  • Monitor up to 12 tanks
  • Connects to all 4-20MA sensors
  • Static IP address needed for remote access. 
  • Multiple panels can be integrated with ease.


Quickly move liquid product throughout your facility.  These control boxes give you the ability to automatically open and close valves to move liquid from one place to another. They can be used with other MEI controls or integrated with 3rd Party products.

MEI ICS Valve Control

Valve Control with Open box
  • Controls 4-16 Air Valves per box
  • Requires 120 VAC to operate