Blend Tower Batching Controls
Blend Tower Batching Controls

Fully automate your dry fertilizer operations

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MEI offers state-of-the-art visual dry fertilizer blend tower control software that can help dramatically increase through-put while decreasing wait time.  This software can also interface with your agronomy or back office software for total front to back automation.

MEI ICS Dry Blend Plant Manager Software

Control your dry blend plant with a visual, configurable PC-based software. This software allows for complete automated blending and batching of dry fertilizer and is user friendly. This software integrates with the automation controls listed below and may be configure to operate dry fertilizer blending equipment offered by several manufacturers.

Murray Interface Software

Want seamless automation between your agronomy software and your Murray equipment? MEI lets you do just that with its Murray Interface software. We have interfaces to most industry-standard agronomy software packages and are willing to build interfaces upon request if they do not exist already.


MEI ICS Dry Tower Automation Interface Panel with Manual Override Controls

This panel integrates with MEI Dry Blend Plant Manager Software for total automation operation. The panel graphically represents the dry blend tower and indicates all tower operations. The panel controls chemical impregnation operation as well. 

  • Displays distributor position
  • Shows high and low bin levels
  • Indicates gate positions
  • Controls chemical impregnation
  • Manual override controls are included for manual operation. 
  • Controls are UL 508A rated and labeled