dry impregnation system for yaravita procote

Dry Impregnation System for YaraVita® PROCOTE®

Experience the industry's most reliable method of applying YaraVita® PROCOTE® to your fertilizer.


Product Highlights

  Floor Blender Compatible

  Standard PSI

  Optional Temperature Protection

Floor Blender Compatible

With pressures of up to 60 PSI, this system is compatible with both horizontal and vertical blenders. Need a solution for a tower? Learn more about our Elite System.

High Speed

Achieve maxiumum volume of 4 quarts per ton in less than a minute without compromising the integrity of YaraVita® PROCOTE®.

yara standard pump

Shearing Prevention

Air-driven diaphram pump maintains high speeds without the use of impellers to provide for repetitive delivery rates.




outdoor kit

Store Tote Alongside Blender

For outdoor scenarios, maintain temperatures above 70 degrees with a MEI supplied immersion heater and/or insulation jacket.

The Outdoor Kit also includes an air agitator to speed up the heating process and ensure product temperature consistency.