October 17, 2019 – Today Murray Equipment, Inc. (MEI) announced that it acquired Alliance Tool and Equipment, which will now continue to operate as the Alliance Tool and Precision Machining division. Also located in Fort Wayne, IN, Alliance has been providing tooling and machining services for over 35 years. Alliance will be joining Murray Equipment as its 4th division alongside its brands MEI, TCS, and KleerBlue.

 For MEI, the acquisition lines up with the tremendous growth it is facing in its meter manufacturing division. It also matches the company’s overall growth strategy.

 “Alliance is the perfect fit,” shared MEI President Dan Murray. “They enable us to meet the growth in demand for our TCS meter division, and also allow us to commercialize our machine shop. This provides the resources to better serve both Alliance and Murray customers.”

For Alliance, the acquisition allows them to maintain continuity for its customers and employees. Alliance leadership will stay on board to ensure a seamless transition.

“When it came time to consider an exit strategy, our long-term business partner, Murray Equipment stood out,” explained former Alliance Owner, Jim Tomson. “We believe the way Murray treats their customers, employees, and vendors, best aligns with the way Alliance does business. Murray also has the business knowledge and resources to invest in the future of Alliance, which was also important to us.”

This acquisition expands Alliance’s product offerings through Murray’s internal machine shop. Murray also plans to invest in new machines at the Alliance location to modernize and expand its capabilities.

“Murray’s manufacturing processes are built on precision and agility,” said David Musselman, Murray Equipment COO and CFO. “MEI’s TCS meters are required to meet extremely tight measurement standards around the globe. Through the acquisition, Murray can, not only increase manufacturing output, but also offer these capabilities to Alliance customers.”


About Alliance Tool and Precision Machining

Alliance Tool and Equipment, now the Alliance Tool and Precision Machining division of Murray Equipment, Inc., is a machine shop located in Fort Wayne, IN for over 35 years. Using both CNC and manual machines, highly-skilled machinists specialize in short and medium production runs of a variety of milled and lathed parts.