Murray Equipment is the industry leader of custom fertilizer and chemical mix plant design and construction in the USA.  We offer not only systems design, but facility and plant control design as well. We didn't become an industry leader overnight.  We quickly built our reputation by doing business the right way:

Holistic Approach

When you engage MEI, we don't just attempt to sell you a cookie-cutter solution.  We begin by examining your organization, your needs (both short and long-term), your objectives, your budget, and possible integration points.  By doing so, we can help save you money in the long-term to help you anticipate and manage your facility growth.

From equipment choices, layout, and levels of automation, we engineer a solution that specifically addresses your needs and helps you realize your goals.

Quality Equipment

As our name indicates, Murray Equipment began as an equipment house over 60 years ago.  Today, that legacy still runs deep.  We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers, and for us, that begins with a quality product.  Each and every piece of equipment is hand-picked based on the liquids you plan to use, the climate of your area, and your anticipated through-put.  We do our best to ensure you make the most out of your investment, reduce possible down-time, and lower your total cost of ownership during the lifetime of your plant.

Cutting Edge Technology

MEI is an innovation house.  We have a full in-house engineering team who constantly strives to do things better than ever before.  We are on the cutting-edge of the industry, bringing together the best technology, the latest in engineering ideas, and pairing those with the latest challenges the industry is facing. With hand-held devices and integration into 3rd-party software, it's no wonder thousands of companies partner with MEI.

Long-Term Partnership

As our long history can attest, we never sacrifice long-term gains for short-term rewards.  We are here to stay.  When you partner with MEI to build your new facility or upgrade your existing plant, you have total access to MEI's team to ensure your success.  Between inside sales, outside sales, support, and engineering we have over 300 years of industry experience at your disposal. In addition, all the way through the process, through installation, and beyond, we will have these same team members on site to make sure your objectives are being met and any problems that may arise have been solved.