Murray Equipment
Experts in Automation

Murray Equipment is a leader in liquid plant automation as well as dry fertilizer automation. We can come alongside your company and determine your exact needs and engineer a solution that allows you to meet your goals. Murray Equipment offers several levels of automation and can integrate into your back office.

Increased Efficiency

Many companies approach MEI about automation in times of growth.  Rather than adding and training new staff, they can expand their through-put through automation.  Thanks to integration with a back office software and computerized formulas, it's never been easier to fulfill customer requests!  With automated mixing and blending, attended and unattended loadouts, and electronic ticket submission, the time savings is tremendous and the amount of loads that can be handled in a day increases dramatically.

Error Reduction

MEI provides integration to agronomy/back office software such as CulturaOakland, SSI AgVance, and more. This eliminates errors associated with re-entry of ticket information, lost tickets, and human error during mixing. Tickets can be sent directly from your software to MEI for fulfillment, and then after loaded into the truck, sent directly back to the home office for billing. No more waiting multiple days for tickets to be reentered and billed.

Inventory Accuracy

Since MEI automation can be involved at every level, from mixing, blending, and loadout (attended and unattended), we can track your inventory in real-time.  This means no more guess-work.  Be sure you're inline with your forecasts for the year, and dramatically reduce shrink.

We also offer handheld tablets for bin managers to electronically switch product bins to offer employee time-savings when interfacing with MEI automation.

Improved Customer Service

Many factors go into improving customer service: improved communication, accurate and precise service, product availability, and minimal wait times.  In an industry where weather is a major factor, long wait times are unacceptable to customers, especially when their window of opportunity to apply the product to their field is small. MEI's automation can help you better service your customers in a way that is meaningful to them and their business.