Ready to automate your liquid manufacturing/blending facility? Or, ready to leverage the latest in automation technology?  Murray Equipment offers the controls and preset boxes you need to achieve your desired level of automation.  From single product preset boxes to custom, fully automatic facilities, MEI has the equipment you need to achieve your efficiency and inventory accuracy goals.

MEI ICS Mix Plant Programmable Control

Automate the manufacturing of fertilizers and chemicals with this proven touch-screen MEI control box. Engineered with the latest technology, MEI’s Mix Plant presets can automate complex manufacturing requirements such as timers, hand adds, and sequencing. The preset box controls up to 12 fertilizers or proprietary products to achieve improved levels of accuracy and inventory oversight. It interfaces with MEIs other automation products as well as 3rd party software for front-to-back total automation.

  • Control up to 12 sequenced fertilizers, chemicals or proprietary products by reading in multiple meters or scales
  • Multiple discharge points
  • Mix cycle timer for pump and agitator
  • Eductor control for hand adds
  • Print screen capabilities
  • 15” sunlight readable industrial touchscreen monitor
  • Computer
  • Industrial battery backup
  • Surge suppression
  • 22mm Allen Bradley switches
  • Components are prewired and installed in a 30” x 24” x 12” NEMA 4x fiberglass electrical enclosure


MEI ICS Mix Plant Manager

Control your mix plant remotely with a visual, configurable PC-based software. This software is user-friendly requiring little to no prior computer experience to operate. 


It is ideal in scenarios with multiple mix plants and/or integration with a back office software is desired.  It can be run on the same PC as MEI liquid loadout and Murray Interface software to create a total front-to-back automated solution. Murray Equipment can configure the software to your specific plant.


MEI ICS Touchscreen Ratio Blending Controls

Improve margins and logistics by bringing in concentrated chemicals and blending them onsite.  This intuitive touch-screen PC-based blending control box can be configured to your exact blending needs.  It blends using density and temperature with variable set points based on blend temperature. Coupled with MEI’s other control panels it can monitor tank levels in real time. It also offers a database with alarm, blend, COA, and transfer history information.

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