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700 SPA Petroleum 2 Inch

The TCS Series 700 20 SPA and the 700 25 SPA positive displacement 2" flow meterare constructed with an anodized aluminum body and rotors, and with Stainless Steel bearing plates with Carbon bearings, and stainless steel timing gears. Flow rate for the 20 SPA is 10-100 GPM while the 25 SPA has a flow rate of 10-150 GPM with accuracy of .15%. The "SPA" is ideal for refined petroleum products such as leaded and unleaded gasoline, Aviation fuels, fuel oils, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, jet fuels, vegetable oils, and ethylene glycol (antifreeze). A full assortment of meter accessories are available such as air eliminator, presets and preset valves, pulsers, ticket printers, electronic and mechanical registers.


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